Summerset SSTOAK-1 (8) Piece Pizza Oven Accessories Kit

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  • view of all accessories
  • front view of grill rack
  • side view of pizza stone
  • front view of serving spatula
  • side view of wheel cutter
  • side view of smoker box
  • side view foldable pizza paddle
  • side view of serving/cutting spatula
  • side view of leather glove
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  • Custom ceramic pizza stone is built to withstand the high temperatures of your grill or oven
  • Smoker box allows you to add an authentic wood-fired taste to your pizza
  • Large leather glove protects against heat
  • Foldable pizza paddle makes it easy to maneuver or remove pizzas
  • Includes ceramic pizza stone, stainless steel grill rack, foldable pizza paddle, stainless steel cutter/spatula, 9-inch wheel cutter, leather glove, steel smoker box, and stainless steel serving spatula

The Summerset Pizza Oven Accessory Kit includes all of the tools that you will need for a successful pizza night with your friends and family. The 15 X 14-inch custom ceramic stone is designed to properly retain and disperse heat evenly. This gives you the ability to bake a perfect, crispy crust every time! Use the steel smoker box to add an authentic wood-fired pizza taste that everyone enjoys. Also included in this 8-piece set is a stainless steel grill rack, a large leather glove that will keep you safe from high temperatures, a foldable pizza paddle, stainless steel cutter/spatula, 9-inch stainless steel wheel cutter, and a stainless steel serving spatula.

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  • Summerset offers a lifetime warranty on covers.
  • Electrical and all other parts & components are covered for three (3) years. Labor is not included.
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