What Is The Rapid Panel Outdoor Kitchen System?

The Rapid Panel Outdoor Kitchen System is the easiest and quickest way to build your own Custom Outdoor Kitchen. The kits include the structure of the outdoor kitchen with all the hardware necessary to assemble it. It also includes all the cement board already attached and all the holes cut for your vents, appliances, doors, etc. Your Stone or Stucco attaches to the cement board. If you have questions on how to apply the finishes, just ask us, we would love to help you.


To finish your outdoor kitchen system, choose from several of the top brands of outdoor kitchen equipment at great prices or you can use your own. All this delivered to your door!

That's right, we offer the whole kit so you have everything you need and deliver it. All you need is the counter top material, side finish material, and utilities.

DIY Rapid Panel Kits from Big Ridge are a great way to maximize your outdoor kitchen budget. When you do some of the work yourself, or sub contract some parts of the installation (like the counter tops or stone), you can free up budget for higher quality appliances.

Our customers save up to 45% over traditional site built outdoor kitchens even when they sub contract all of the stone and counter top work. Do it yourself with our help and save time and money!


Why Use the Rapid Panel Outdoor Kitchen System?

Simple, we do the more difficult parts of the build so you get to do the stuff that is fun. We do all the calculations and cutouts, we square and level them, put the cement board on so that you can simple put your finish materials on, hook up the appliances and start grilling! The better question would be, why wouldn't you use the Rapid Panel Outdoor Kitchen System.

So, how does the system work?

Step 1. Design your own outdoor kitchen using our easy to use modular outdoor kitchen system. Or, work with our designers to develop your dream outdoor kitchen for free.

Step 2. Decide on your appliance choices (we offer brands in all price ranges), or use your own appliances.

Step 3. Finalize the design and place your order.

Step 4. We manufacture your outdoor kitchen and ship it to you along with the applinaces.

Step 5. You receive the outdoor kitchen.

Step 6. Assemble your Rapid Panel Outdoor Kitchen (Typical 10 Foot Unit Assembles in about 20 minutes).

Step 6. Utilities hook ups.

Step 7. Apply side and counter materials.

Step 8. Install appliances.

Step 9. Fire up the grill, grab a beverage and enjoy the beginning of many years of enjoyment from a project you did yourself. Go ahead and brag, you've earned it!

How hard are they to assemble? Can I really Do It Myself?

Well, we made them easy enough to be assembled by kids. Check out this video to see our kids assemble an outdoor kitchen in just a few minutes.


What does it look like when it is finished?

The picture below shows the Ready to Finish Rapid Panel Outdoor Kitchen Frame you will receive on the Left and how it would look with standard finish materials you would apply or have applied on the right.


Here Is An In-Depth Look At The Features



Our Rapid Panel Kits are constructed of Heavy Duty 20 Gauge Galvanized Structural Steel. We cut out your appliance holes based upon which cutouts you choose. We fully square the modules and pre-assemble them to ensure everything fits before we ship them to you. They arrive in panels which can be re-assembled in a matter of minutes with a drill and driver bit. 

The Frames come in a "Knock Down Panel" fashion on a pallet or two depending on the size of your outdoor kitchen. You then stand the panels up and put them back together the way we had them. That's it.

Rapid Panel System

  • Heavy Duty 20 Gauge Galvanized Steel Construction

  • Fully Welded Frames

  • Protective composite decking installed under the frame

  • Panelized modules with counter support

  • Sides fully covered in outdoor rated cement board (cement board on top is optional and only needed if using tile or concrete slab counter tops, granite and marble slabs are placed directly on the steel frame for a tighter bond)

  • Squared Guarantee

  • Everything needed is included, no hidden "extras" to make it sound like a great deal!

  • Small or Medium orders normally delivered on 1 Pallet

  • Appliance cut outs installed for you: Just drop in appliances and go

  • Assemble in the matter of hours not days

  • Lightweight, does not require a concrete pad, can be installed on a deck or patio pavers

  • Simple Instructions

  • Customer Support, We are Here when you need us

Options Available

  • GFCI Installation
  • Stone / Tile Overhang
  • Floors
  • Cement Board On Counter Tops (Only needed for tile or concrete counter tops, granite and marble attach directly to the steel framing and is therefore not required).
  • Foot rests
  • Inset end panels
  • LED Light Sets
  • Monograms Engraved


Do You Need Help Designing Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Not sure where to start? That’s OK, we will walk you through the process.

We offer FREE design assistance and consultation.

Just give us a rough sketch and we will take if from there. So go grab a napkin and draw your dream outdoor kitchen. Using one of our Rapid Panel Outdoor Kitchen Kits, we will help you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams.


Call us at 866-635-5487, hit the upload tab at the top of this web page, or email your drawing to garrad@bigridgeoutdoorkitchens.com.


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