“Helping To Make Memories One Family At A Time”




Here at Big Ridge we are committed to helping everyone make the most of the little time available in their hectic schedules. Family is very important to everyone at Big Ridge and it shows in our quality products. We design our outdoor kitchens and Do It Yourself packages with family and function in mind. We are a family owned company and we enjoy bringing an amazing product to our customers.

The outdoor kitchen industry has changed over the past few years and continues to evolve as more and more people realize the many benefits of owning an outdoor kitchen. There are standard grill islands that are affordable and offer a great return on investment. There are also custom outdoor kitchens with price tags in excess of $40,000. But when looking at the two different levels, it became clear that there was a need for a mixture between the two as well as an easy Do It Yourself system.

When we decided to build our own outdoor kitchen several years ago we were shocked to learn that there was not an easy system to help or guide us. The few companies we found that offered some products did not offer support or customization-we found we were really on our own. Available kits were complicated and difficult to use and did not contain all the necessary hardware to fully assemble the kit. After making numerous, expensive mistakes and taking months to finish our own build-we created a system to streamline building our outdoor kitchen. Friends and family began asking to use our system and word spread-soon Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens was born.

We continued to refine our product and the result is the Rapid Panel Kit system. Rapid Panel Kits consist of assembled side panels built of structural grade, galvanized, 18-gauge steel studs that are precisely measured and cut then factory welded. Each panel is factory squared and ready for you assemble in your own backyard. We have designed the system so it is simple to use-unpack the panels, stand them up, and attach them together with provided hardware. We provide you with a complete product-everything you need to complete assemble the kit is included-no surprise trips to the hardware store for items you didn’t even know you need. We even include and install free cutout kits, hidden bar supports, and countertop supports-items that other companies don’t include or disclose that you need. They charge for each of those extra items–with Big Ridge all your required hardware is included.

Customer requests have led us to offer Rapid Panel Kits with Attached Cement Board which allows the homeowner to be ready to finish their outdoor kitchen in record time. Cement board is cut and attached to each side panel-once you assemble the kit you are ready to apply your finish material immediately. Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens wants to help people have their own affordable, custom outdoor kitchens they can build themselves. We offer free design assistance as well as packages that allow you to pick your appliances and design. You can mix and match various standard modules to create your own unique design layout or use one of our packages to recreate one of our designs. By offering choices, we feel our customers can get something that fits their personality and functions the way they want. Our customers should not have to settle for an out of the box outdoor kitchen when the dream outdoor kitchen is only a few clicks away.

Quality is important to us and we know our customers will not be disappointed. After all, we got this far on word of mouth; we want our customers to tell others where they got their wonderful back yard oasis. We want your business and intend to keep it.


Our Mission:

To make a reasonable return on investment while providing our customers a superior quality product that is easy to use, functional, fun, and truly beautiful

Focus on customer retention through impeccable customer service

Continue to be the employer of choice by ensuring our employees’ voices are heard and empowering them to make decisions that affect them and the company

Reduce environmental impact by employing lean manufacturing practices designed to minimize waste while improving the quality, design, and overall cost of our products

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